SC/ST case on Rajasekhar’s brother

Jeevitha Rajasekhar filed a police case against Koushik Reddy, a Congress leader, for what seems to be a petty issue. Koushik Reddy filed counter cases on her and her relative, Gunasekhar, Rajasekhar’s brother. He spoke to media after filing the cases,

“I can’t contemplate why Jeevitha Rajasekhar is making this such an issue. I don’t even remember what happened exactly and after I saw the CC TV footage, I am able to recount everything. I was with a friend in my car and his kid asked for water. We parked our car at the spot and went to get a drink in Cafe Coffee Day, there.

We don’t that the parking spot belongs to them and we did not even go into the Diamond showroom. We parked hardly for 15-20 minutes and he started abusing us. He scolded my driver on his caste and he even scolded me. After a while, he pushed me and I pushed him. As they said, I did not talk about Telangana or Andhra division.

I put up cases on Jeevitha, Gunasekhar for damaging my name and Gunasekhar for pushing and scolding me in unparliamentary way. My driver put up a case on Gunasekhar for abusing him on caste under SC/ST act,” said Koushik Reddy.