Savitri Amma deserves all the respect – Keerthy Suresh

Keerthy Suresh has become the talk of the town, with her new film, Mahanati. In the movie, she acted as Savitri, legendary actress of Telugu Cinema. She did a great job as a today’s actor to understand and resemble the best ever actress in Telugu Cinema. She managed to pull off a complicated character and in an interview, she revealed how she felt about Savitri’s life and also about the negative comments she faced.

About the negative comments, she said, “I can never be Savitri amma, completely, and you can’t satisfy everybody. Originally, I wasn’t aware of the negative comments. Even I was confused when the trailer was released. I didn’t think I looked like her. But I was content after my family and friends appreciated me. More than the acting, I was worried about dubbing. It took 11 days for me to dub in Telugu. During the press meet in the city, Madhan Karky (lyricist) shared with me some comments he saw on Twitter. Only then did I realize there was so much hatred. Now that the film has been released, my Twitter page is exploding with positive feedback.”

After portraying Savitri on screen she said her respect for the cards grew. She further said, “Though she faced failures, she was a stubborn person. I liked that trait. She was bold, playful and humorous. I revisited her films including Mayabazar, and I think that famous scene in it was a really difficult one. Also, I realized Savitri amma and I have a few interests in common — like swimming, car-racing and playing cricket. I used to scare kids by folding my eyebrows and I was told Savithri amma used to do that, too. Later in her life, though she was addicted to alcohol, she was respected by everyone. She earned it. “