Sapthagiri Express

When your heart lies in something and situations force you to become someone else, what will you be? Who will you become? Well lets just say may be not this guy whom I just met!

PLOT : Sapthagiri aka giri aka Katamarayudu (Sapthagiri) is a happy go lucky acting enthusiast, who thinks life is all hunky-dory under his father Shiva Reddy (Shiva Reddy) guidance. One day his life takes an unexpected turn with his father dying and he has to take up the police constable job. From there he tries to control the crime in the city in his own style. What did he do forms the rest of the story?

Performances : Sapthagiri tries to carry the film on his shoulders. He dances well, hams and tries hard to tickle the funny bone. His dedication levels are good but he needs to understand that hamming is good in comedy but not in lead actor role. All others are there to give him able support and they did their best. In songs lead actress gave him support by dancing much much worse than him. Shakalaka Shankar helped him in delivering the comic punches right. Ali and others just irritate you. One is left wondering if there is any head and tail to this film and performances correspond to the same.

Technicalities : Music Director Bulganin fails to understand the orchestration in music. He remixes various popular tunes and tries different things but nothing pays off. Even his BG Score is forgettable. Camera work and Editing, sound Design and set design literally every department tries hilight their hero to the level of a star and somehow they missed the belief bus. They tried to do something right but it ended up being half hearted and highly amateurish.

Writer for the movie Sapthagiri tries hard to make it all work with his script. The original Thirudan Police is no classic but it had some heart in projecting it’s sequences and hero. While trying to increase the humour quotient the writer hammered out the heart brutally and you see a dead ghost tickling your funny bone.
Director Arun Pawar just assembles things on screen nothing absolutely nothing works on comedy and in the name of fun, molestation is also shown in the positive light. The idea behind making the movie might be good but it looses steam right from the word go.

Analysis : Movies these days have become a point of expenditure of black money or a trial for popular comedian or rich businessmen who got bored off their regular jobs. This is one such experiment by Sapthagiri to see if he can become a hero like Sunil and Ali. For Sunil there was SS Rajamouli and if that failed he had Trivikram Srinivas to fall back on. But can Sapthagiri continue after this debacle? Well if you still wondering about watching the movie? Save yourself

Rating : 1/5