Samantha says remember your failures more

Samantha Akkineni decided to take her career in a route that no other Telugu heroine could do in recent years. She managed to get a name as a performer and also as a glam doll.

Her script selection has been one of the best in the Industry. She could grab with both the hands good opportunities came her way. What made her so clinical in her approach and so calculative as well?

Samantha answered, “I don’t think my successful films more. I reflect back on my failures more. I think about what went wrong and try to learn from them. I compare a script with my previous films and then try to analyse if that is the best approach. I always get a positive answer. “

She continued, “I conduct myself according to the situations. I think about the result and try to imagine different situations without over-thinking. I have been successful in this process and would love to keep it going like this,” concluded the actress.