Samantha says questions make her perfect

Actresses and actors listen to ‘n’ number of scripts at a regular basis every day. But they choose the one that really excites them and then starts their preparations to become the character once everything is set.

Samantha has been lucky to choose best possible scripts and the reason she explained for that made us fall more in love with her. She said, “I regularly listen to many stories and I have to harsh about my opinion if required.

I tell that beforehand to the directors and producers to don’t take offense. I ask them as many questions as I can so that they will help me understand the character better. I try to spend as much time as I can thinking as the character and filter out all my doubts to be able to perform like them.

I believe that as many questions I can ask as perfect I can perform the character,” concluded the actress. Soon she has another Tamil movie to release and she will join her husband Naga Chaitanya in a movie with Shiva Nirvana.