Samantha in a mythological character?

Samantha Akkineni has been the most liked actress in Telugu and Tamil cinema in various roles. She managed to leave her imprint in the hearts of many cinema lovers.

She is now looking to star in meaty roles in films and she is ok with them being made on a small budget or on a big scale. She just wants a capable director and a good character.

Now, the buzz is that after starring in a film with her husband, Samantha has an opportunity to star as Soorpanaka, in a socio-fantasy film. The movie will be directed by Bhargav and the script narration is already over to the actress.

This project first went to Kajal but as she couldn’t give dates, it came to Samantha. The actress Is currently busy with shoots and once she finishes all the negotiations, the official announcement will be made it seems.