Samantha doesn’t want to lose personal life

Samantha Akkineni after marriage to Naga Chaitanya Akkineni, decided to give more importance to different kind of roles putting a full stop to glam roles. She is continuing to get lucrative offers, still and she is highly busy with many films.

Naga Chaitanya is also very busy with movies and other activities round the clock. In such busy lives they have to maintain their sanity and build their relationship and give marriage importance, too.

They manage it nicely and better than many expect. About that Samantha said,””I’ve decided to switch off from work mode once the clock crosses six, in the evening!”

She continued, “Chaitanya doesn’t like discussing work at home and I just think about him, me in the evening after 6 pm. He too does the same and as we are constantly busy, we try to keep the freshness in marriage by being as regular as we can in between insanely busy schedules!”