Vikram is one of the few great actors that Indian Cinema has ever produced. He knows how to hold the interest of the audience, no matter how bad the scene is. He will always manage to convince you that you are watching a good scene. But these days, he doesn’t have such power and needs a script that can justify his talent. He is the need of a big box office hit and Singham maker Hari decided to deliver Saamy sequel with him. Let’s discuss how the movie is.

Plot : Parasurama Saamy (Vikram) kills Bikshu (Kota Srinivasa Rao) to establish law and order in Vijayawada city. He goes to a village later on promotion and his wife (Aishwaraya Rajesh) becomes pregnant too. Bikshu’s son Ravana Bikshu (Bobby Simha) decides to take over Vijayawada and he destroys peace in the city.

Rama Swamy (Vikram) is a purohit and he wants to become an IAS officer. He works for the central minister (Prabhu) and falls in love with his daughter (Keerthy Suresh). He passes Civils and decides to go to training. Rather than taking IAS, he takes IPS and goes to Vijayawada. Will he know what happened to Parasurama Swamy? How will Ravana Bikshu react to Rama Swamy’s entry? Watch the movie on screen for answers …

Performances : Vikram can entertain us and there is no doubt that he has a great screen presence. But his script selection has been poor and this film adds to the list of his big flops.

Keeethy Suresh is completely wasted in this movie and she has nothing to do but sing and love. Prabhu, Aishwarya is very routine.

Bobby Simha is good but his character lacks any kind of quality that feels strong and threatening. The script fails him too.

Technicalities : V.T. Vijayan, T.S. Jay edit the move in such a way that we feel very bored even when the high voltage scenes running on the screen. They did what Hari demanded but they should have tried harder to do what is right for the film.

Priyan, Venkatesh Anugraj visuals for the movie are not a plus nor a minus. They just presented a shot with different lighting effects and tried to be as aggressive as Hari demands them to be. Nothing works in favor of film.

Devi Sri Prasad did a great job by composing music that suits the film. When the movie finishes we remember nothing, not even a song. BGM is ok from him.

Hari as a writer and director is known for his super-fast taking and over the top narrative style. He doesn’t seem to have any subtlety to his scenes and we see Vikram suffocating in trying to make sense of a plot that is completely routine and silly.

His execution too is no way good and we end up watching long scenes that should have ended before they started at most times. The movie keeps going back to Singham series and we can say that Hari is struck in Singham universe.

Analysis : Many movies like Aaru, Singham series work majorly because of characters that really engage us and make us travel with them. Here, Hari fails to create one. He just follows his routine path with annoying ease. This movie will be described as loud by even hearing impaired people as the madness of Hari lacks any character or style in this film.

Rating : 1.5/5