Saaho extends its action schedule

Prabhas as earned the name and fame as a National action star with his film, Baahubali. Now, he wants to deliver a movie that will stand in comparison to it. Rather than trying to deliver a project in hurry, he is trying to take as much time as he can, to deliver a huge action drama to thrill the audience. Right now, for his next film, Saaho, he is in UAE, shooting in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Huge Caterpillar trucks, bikes, and huge cars are being used in the shooting of this huge action episode. Kenny Bates, Hollywood stunt choreographer is handling the stunt work and the young team is thrilled with his work.

Prabhas is participating in a stunt where he has to jump from a truck that is falling from a huge bridge. After this, the chase sequence will continue further and it is said to be a never before seen experience for Telugu and Indian audience.

The movie team is currently trying to give as much recovery time as possible to them for Prabhas to regain his energy after each stunt. As it is a bilingual, at times, the team is performing a scene two times for Hindi and Telugu version. The action scenes need not go that way, but even the stunt work is putting extra strain it seems. So, the team decided to extend the schedule in UAE and the team will return to Hyderabad by the end of the month, June.