Saahasam Swasaga Sagipo

At a carefree age, we normally look to find an inspiration to trigger our life on a path and go places with it. But life has its own plans and it starts taking us to different places that we least expect. But where do the path lead us to makes us a good citizen or a bad one. Well, that is life for us.

PLOT : A young man (Naga Chaitanya) with no clear career path, meets his first love one day, his Harley Davidson. After that he meets Latha Krishna (Manjima Mohan) who stays with his sister at his home for an internship. Slowly, they grow in proximity bur never express. Young man has a group of friends and one of his bestest friend is Mahesh. Young man decides to go on a bike ride to Kanyakumari to watch Sunrise and Latha joins him. A sudden accident changes everything and Inspector Kamath (Baba Sehgal) enters into their life. What is the incident? What happens to the couple’s budding love? What will Kamath do? By the way, name of the protagonist? Watch these thrills uncover on-screen!

Performances : Naga Chaitanya once again proves that he is growing in stature with each of his film. Here with Gautham Menon as his trusted aid, he once again delivers what the character needs and looks dashing on screen. There are few issues here and there but on the whole he delivers a believable performance as a young man who is in love, who wishes to enjoy life and toughens up with the changing situations. His maturity as an actor will surprise you in second hour of the movie. Manjima Mohan looked good on screen as a pair with Chaitanya. She is a good actress but at times she seems to get stuck with a blank face. May be she needs some more getting used to the camera.

Satish the young choreographer and actor with this movie, looked well in his elements on screen as Mahesh. Look out for few one-liners from him that will make you laugh out loud. Baba Sehgal makes a comeback into acting with the movie after Rudrama Devi and he does a competent job. May be it won’t be unreal if I say, we may not see bad performances from Gautham’s artists. All the actors deliver the required emotion and it will be a pleasant surprise for audience to see a real cinematic sequences being performed in a realistic way.

Technicalities : ARRahman delivers magic on screen yet again! His songs in the first hour and Back Ground in the second hour elevate the sequences and mood of the film to a next level. His choice of instruments for back to back songs like Taanu Nenu, Ee Roje and Chakori shows his superiority in understanding the brief and situations.Cinematography by Dan MacArthur, is brilliant at times and reasonably good at few places. Shooting in night is difficult but few shots could have benefited with much better lighting. His color scheme in the riding episodes and his keen eye in capturing Sunrise is praise-worthy. Editor Anthony followed few new patterns while editing the movie and it works big time especially in the second hour.

Writer – Director Gautham Menon looked a bit out of sorts in the second hour at few places but his first hour and 30 minutes are tightly packed with clever wit and unique situations. The problem arises with last 30 minutes of the movie, that move into complete commercial space and loose a bit of steam built up. Any how, he managed to make the Crime Patrolesque episode look acceptable on big screen.

While, I nitpicked my negatives, I would like throw some light on positives as well. He once again proves that he is master in creating a real world in surreal surroundings. The lead scene before Vellipomakey, should be and will be rated as one of the most poetic and best cinematic moment in the last decade. He eluded magic on screen once again with lead pair chemistry. Had he tried to write the thriller part even more convincingly, the film would have been rated as another cult classic like Ye Maaya Chesave and Gharshana.

Analysis : The movie entertains you for most of its runtime and never fails to engage ever. Few familiar elements from Gautham’s previous movies come into action, but his unique touch in handling them expertly, lets you enjoy the flow rather than look away from screen. Film did need a bit of fine tuning especially in second hour but the overall impact of the film is one solid punch to your senses. Its a definite one time watch.

This Sahasam is Ahladam for our cinematic senses!

Rating : 3.25/5

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