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The greatest mistake a narrator commits is to not understand the difference between lust and love. If for one person in a relationship, it is all about lust, for other it could be all about love. Both are different emotions and if a narrator doesn’t convey it properly, we end up feeling disgusted in our guts. Is this film, one of such? Let’s discuss …

Plot : Shiva (Karthikeya) lives with Daddy (Ramki) who works for the welfare of villagers. ZPTC Vishwanatham ( Rao Ramesh) is the village head and Daddy has few issues with him. Shiva starts working for Vishwanatham and one day, he sees his daughter, Indu (Payal Rajput).

Indu has a typical character and she falls for Shiva at first sight. Shiva takes time to accept her love but Indu hints at the relationship being of lust than love. One day, she marries another guy and Shiva waits for her to return patiently. When she is back, he asks her many questions and the answers shock him and others too. What are those answers? What happened to Shiva? Watch the movie for answers …

Performances : Payal Rajput gives a bold performance when it comes to not hesitating to remove clothes or act in intimate scenes in front of camera. But her body language or dialogue delivery doesn’t really suit the setting of the film.

Karthikeya fails to really come up with the necessary goods that a role like Shiva asks from him. It is gutsy to attempt such a role on debut and it is suicidal too, to think that he can pull it off with such limited skills.

Ramki and Rao Ramesh did their best but all others seemed to be there to just fill the screen space.

Technicalities : Cinematographer Ram tried to make use of weird angles and different composition techniques but rather than them adding any beauty to the story, they just amplify the irritation that the amateurish story telling reflects on the audience member.

Music Composer Chaitan Bhardwaj is just a novice in composing music. We end up getting such feel because of the use of the instruments and vocals.

Director of the film, Ajay Bhupathi fails to understand the real difference between love and lust. Rather than making it evident through his characters, he just tries to ignite sexual emotions without really giving importance to undertones behind them that will help an audience member to connect to the main story. The twist just plays like a twist than really driving the story in a new direction.

Analysis : In a film that tries to portray itself as a love story based on real life incidents, you need either of the leads character to be relatable and driving the story forward. The actor who played Shiva doesn’t have enough experience to carry it off on his shoulders and even director did not rescue him. The movie ends up being a money spinner for lust lovers than movie lovers.

Rating : 1.5/5

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