RGV pulls out of the legal battle

Ram Gopal Verma breathe fire on CBFC as the board refused to certify his film, Lakshmi’s NTR siting election code as the reason. He wanted to take this move from CBFC to court.

Now, he chose to not act on it. He tweeted,

“There has been an unfortunate misunderstanding between our office and the CBFC which has now been cleared ..The CBFC is now doing the necessary action as per the laid down procedure ..Hence our press meet against the CBFC is canceled..Jai NTR #LakshmiNTR”

Seems like he reacted in advance without knowing complete details. Or he might have thought to go against the CBFC and take the matter forward in a different way. Anyways, he did not announce the release date or he did not give any indication about postponement too.

It is obvious that the movie has been postponed until further notice at this point in time. Let’s wait for him to announce his next move.