RGV helps in publicity of Mahanayakudu

Even though it sounds weird, if any body is keeping Mahanayakudu in the news, it is Ram Gopal Verma. NBK, Krish are silent about the film while RGV is drawing comparisons with his Lakshmi’s NTR and making Mahanayakudu, a trending topic.

Krish who loves to take center stage before the release of his films seems to be weirdly silent. Actually, the director is heartbroken with Manikarnika issue and failure of Kathanayakudu, it seems.

He wanted both the movies to work big time, but that hasn’t been the case. So, he is more involved in the post production works and is looking to complete the project and move on, it seems.

NBK is also not totally trying to give more hype to the film after looking at the reaction first part got. Somehow RGV is doing all their work on social media and he is also going to channels saying that his film is the truth.