‘Rey Amit’ has become my identity : Amit Sharma

Amit Sharma from the movie, Arjun Reddy has become famous among the young audience of Telugu Cinema has his sequence in the movie is the biggest hit. Many are using the gifs and quotes with ‘Rey Amit’ and him becoming a synonym like that and also achieving such a popularity as thrilled the actor Amit Sharma. He shared his experience while shooting for the movie.

He said, “I did not know about the film and the auditions until my costume designer told me about it. I took Sandeep’s number and called him. He said how can you ask for a role on phone and called me down for an audition. There we talked for about three hours and he cast me in the role, saying I had right arrogance for it.”

He continued, “I, Vijay and Shalini come from Theatre so we understood what other’s techniques are and gelled well. During the scene I asked Vijay to hit me for real as the effect would be real on screen. It was all shot in motion and one long take so we had to rehearse our lines. There are few improvisations and we enjoyed doing it.” Now, the actor is doing a role in the movie, Saaho with Prabhas and the actor said he is looking forward to meeting Prabhas.

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