Review my movie but don’t rate it – Naga Shaurya

Actor Naga Shaurya has two films releasing back to back this Summer. He is not promoting Kanam, due to his issue with Sai Pallavi but he has no qualms about promoting his Ammamma gari Illu movie. In the movie, Shamili is making a re-entry after Oye, in Telugu cinema. The movie is about a city youth finding of his roots in the village and finding comfort there. The actor met the press along with the team to talk about the movie.

He said, “This movie is a genuine emotion than just another film. I wanted to be a part of it as I love my grandparents and like to go to my village, whenever I would love to. So, talking about such a sentimental topic in the film, attracted me to sign it and I want critics to review the film and not rate it. As I said, this is an emotion and not another film. We cannot rate love towards our parents and grandparents. So, please review it and do not rate it.”

The makers announced that the movie is ready for release and soon, they will announce a release date. They have a problem in getting theatres during such a period where two biggies have become huge hits. Also, there are two more biggies waiting for a release, this season. So, the team is waiting to find a right date.