Ee Rojullo girl gets MLA Ticket!

Reshma Rathod, heroine of Ee Rojullo couldn’t continue in films in Telugu and Tamil after the successful debut as failures hampered her progress. She decided to join politics.

She joined BJP and started working in her constituency, Vaira from Khammam district. From last 3 to 4 years she started working at the root level to understand the problems and necessities there.

Now, she got the ticket from BJP to participate for the MLA seat from the constituency in Telangana Assembly elections. The actress turned politician is working even harder to earn the trust of the voters there.

As TRS wave is still super strong, she is expecting to make an impact this time and win the next time around. She is a big supporter of Narendra Modi and wants to remain as a well-wisher of Nation and work for its well-being.