Renu Desai decides to re-marry!

Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai have been a Power Couple until the situations broke them apart. Pawan Kalyan has moved on with another woman but Renu Desai has been expressing that she still loves him and does not want to re-marry. But her thinking has been changed lately as she had to face few situations where her loneliness has exposed the shallowness of alone ride to her. These are not our words, she said them herself.

She said, “I always loved Pawan Kalyan and thought I am incapable of loving another person ever. But lately, my thinking has changed. During late hours, my sister had to take me to hospital rushing from her place. I felt the need for a person who could stay with me as my support all the time and also, not having to trouble my relatives at such time, made me realize it is a best idea to re-start a family of my own. This is just a thought and I have to think about it completely before I look for matches and re-marry!”

She also revealed, “We (Pawan Kalyan and her), did not talk about cash transactions or alimony during our divorce. If I had asked he would have given everything he owns but that is not right on my part. We have a good friendship and healthy relationship between us for our kids.” Well, we hope she finds a person of her desires soon.