Rendu Rellu Aaru

Sometimes people commit mistakes knowingly and the guilt keeps on piling up as the time progresses. One cannot really pinpoint on what drove them at the point of time to commit such an horrendous act but they keep cursing themselves over the period of time hoping that one day they can find the solution for that heart burn. Still, it is all in the game and that’s the back bone of Rendu Rellu Aaru!

Plot : One rainy night, Rao (Kale) and Raju (Naresh) bring their wives to hospital and both have their own complications for delivery. One has a heart problem and the other’s children have died prematurely. So, both the husbands pray God to be kind on them. Even though the deliveries doesn’t have any complications, both the kids are born with similar heart condition. They can die any moment after 22 years. Here Rao and Raju take a decision to exchange their children not knowing about the condition of the other. Incidentally, they both decide to not rob their wives and now, mothers a chance of being close to their real offsprings and stay in the same street. Both the families develop a close friendship over time.

But the kids Maddy (Anil) and Maggy (Mahima) are encouraged to be friends by their mothers while the fathers decide to develop a rivalry. Well, how the story moves forward and what happens to both of them after 22 years forms the rest of the story. If they fall in love what will the fathers decision will be? And if the two lovers get to know about their condition how will they react? If these question intrigue you, watch the movie.

Performances : Anil doesn’t have any energy and even though he tries to show some confidence in his body language his dialogue delivery is too poor. Even his voice modulation and facial expressions are completely dead. Keeping a straight and still exhibiting some charm worked in favour of actors in Hollywood but there is a difference for straight face and being wooden.

Mahima looks like an actress who can go further. She can act but she doesn’t have to overact and react to everything like she is in a daily soap. If she can learn the difference between being natural and forced on screen, she can go further. The movie majorly belongs to Naresh and Ravi Kale after the main leads. At times, director and writer concentrates more on them and hides the main story in their way of handling the typical situations. Both the actors pull it off well, but the writer could have supported them better than what we see on screen.
Thagubothu Ramesh, Lakshmi, Pramodini doesn’t get much importance and they are just there to fill up the screen time for few scenes. Even though Pramodini and Lakshmi get the most important characters of mothers, they are sidelined by the writer as he concentrated more on fathers.

Technicalities : Story,screenplay, & direction by Nandu Mallela is the major drawback of this concept oriented film. The movie doesn’t end up being complete due to his choices as a director and writer. He decides not to being the major point of the story into the open. He doesn’t explore his own idea completely and we wonder why? Why to concentrate on the same things like teen love and hate turning into love between two neighbourhood kids, that we have already seen in movies like Nuvve Kavali and Anandam. Those movies have explored them beautifully and there is no necessity for another movie to come out on the same point.

In Geetanjali, Mani Ratnam explored the love story of the two young persons looking into face of the inevitable death and choosing to struggle, choosing to live and love. And he doesn’t fear to bring the point our in the open during the starting 30 monies and then he starts exploring the characters and show their growth as the film progresses. But here we don’t even get to see how Mothers would have cope up with the situation and truth. Even if we think that’s not a necessity, even the young lovers don’t know about other’s condition and by just letting them know about their condition individually, the climax unison looks too selfish on the parts of both of them. Well, the director even though tried to tell what he had in his mind with utmost sincerity, he missed out on these opportunities to let the audience also feel what he felt while writing the story.

Camera man Amarnath Reddy, does he job well for the given budget. He explores the various tones that the movies requires with fine details and captures the nature beautifully. But even he too couldn’t help hero in look charming on screen. Music director Vijay Bulganin, is the best technician of the all worked for the film. He has put in his heart and soul into the film and tried his best to let the film survive and let the emotion come out well on screen. But even he had to give up after a point. Editing by Janaki Ramarao is one of the worst possible cuts that such an emotional film could get. The script had hundred problems but even the editing is not upto the mark as the editor doesn’t let an emotion stay on screen for the appropriate time limit for audience to invest. He seems to be in a hurry to show the climax.

Analysis : The movie had a good story point to begin with. As an idea this doesn’t make any sense but the premise of two kids who won’t survive after a point of time are being exchanged by father to save their better-halves is novel. Had the filmmaker did not try to leave out the emotions and concentrate on unnecessary sub-plots, the movie could have been a good watch for Telugu Audience after Pelli Choopulu and Kshanam. Even though the movie got a good producer and competent enough senior cast, it lacked in right script and direction. Try to watch it for the honesty of the maker in what he believed.

Rating : 1.5/5