You never know when will Cupid strikes you and with whom, you would be ending up spending your life. Well, Cupid does his job by striking right at the heart, where it hurts the most! Can love be simple? What will it drag you into?

PLOT : SK (Siva karthikeyan) is a wannabe actor who does some theatre but has only one and one goal in his life, watching his poster on a theatre promoting his film as huge as it happens for a Rajnikanth’s film. He meets director KS Ravi Kumar in his trials but fails to convince the director. While he is busy in trails, his mother (Saranya Ponvannan) never encourages him on his career path. One day he happens to see Kavya (Keerthy Suresh) just the way, KSR described for one of his scenes. Cupid strikes and SK follows her to propose to her. But he finds out she is a doctor and engaged to an NRI. For KSR movie Bhamane Satyabhamane2. SK turns into a woman playing nurse. Even though SK avoids he meets Kavya on a bus in nurse get up. Kavya helps him to find a job as nurse, now what transpires between them should be watched on screen!

Performances : Siva karthikeyan rose to a Star hero position in the matter of 4 years and few films in Tamil. His growth as an actor is inspiration for many of Telugu young actors as well. From putting a straight face in emotional scenes to convincingly romancing an actress, he came a long way. His comic timing has always been his strength and he brings house down as a lady too. Rather than looking like a drag queen he looks like a proper woman! Thanks to make up team and PC Sreeram. Welcome to Telugu Film Industry, SK.

Where did this Keerthy Suresh hide in Nenu Shailaja? There even though her character was off a reserved girl, she need not had to keep a straight face excuberating dullness. Here she balances it out very well as Doctor Kavya. Still there are few scenes where she could have done better but her expressions and attitude is a major highlight for the movie. She has a sizzling chemistry with Siva and another angle has been explored in Remo, different from their previous film, Rajni Murugan. It might see a release as well in Telugu. Saranya Ponvannan never fails. What an actress she has become?! She just mastered being mother on screen. Be it loving mother, comic banter with son, she just nails being a mother on screen convincingly. Sathish and Yogi babu brings a smile on your face helping Siva karthikeyan. Sri Divya in a small cameo is a nice addition to the film. KSR just has to be himself and he does perfectly.

Technicalities : Debutant Bhakkiyaraj Kannan does a clever job by concentrating on technical brilliance over going for a different story line. He knows that his film and story are not different and he accepts the fact by cracking a joke on himself in the film, saying it is Avai Shanmugi/ Bhamane Satyabhamane 2. But he could have given credit to Rajendra Prasad’s Madam as well. As he just presents the legendary Telugu actor’s movie for today’s generation in SK style. May be coincidence or both the makers might have got inspired from same film.

PC Sreeram lends his hand in lighting the scene perfect to the tee, only the way he can. He made Siva karthikeyan look beautiful as a woman. You may at times feel there are two women on screen one is black choclate and another white chocolate. He doesn’t let the screen go dull and shows off his class apart. Well just watch Siva walking the ramp in a song as Marlin Monroe and Siva walking on a beautifully lit bridge proposing his love to Keerthy. Pure lighting brilliance and only PC could have handled both with such perfection.

Resul Pookutty helped design the sound for the movie but there was nothing special to write about, may be 2.0 would give him a challenge. He did made Siva sound like a woman, so well job done. Ruben does cut off 12 mins including a song from Tamil Version in this Telugu dub. May be the song could have been used. Anyways, it made no difference to the overall film anyway.

Anirudh Ravichander just lifts the film with his Back Ground Score. When it comes to elevating a scene he is in the class of Ilaiyaraja, AR Rahman, MM Keeravani, Mani Sharma and Yuvan Shankar Raja. A class apart from his contemporaries. His songs are not of the same quality that he delivered for Maan Karate and Ethir Neechal but he does give foot tapping numbers to enjoy on screen with proceedings but nothing to keep you entertained after the film is over.

Writer Bhakkiyaraj Kannan, just resorts to everything cliche in the book and hopes to make them work by placing them on able shoulders of the lead actor. Here Siva karthikeyan was able to carry it off but what about Bhakkiyaraj? Who is he? What can he do? May if the director and writer can find the answers for these questions in his next films, we might as well. RD Raja needs to be given all the credit for not making a film but making it so huge and mesmerise audience with all the richness.

Sean Foot convinces audience Siva karthikeyan as a lady nurse with his brilliant make up skill. Well actor does add his body language and dialogue delivery but he wins half the battle thanks to make up. Anl Arasu composed the fights perfect to the character and script requirements. Few moments have been edited out in the Telugu dub from fights as well. But they make no difference to film.

Analysis : One has to feel jealousy for Tamil Cinema. Not because it has any bigger market rather it is blessed with technicians and actors who can carry off simple scripts on their shoulders and entertain in theatres. These kind of clichéd films can only work with lead actors chemistry and flawless performance. Well again Bhakkiyaraj Kannan got lucky with the producer like RD Raja and Siva Karthikeyan as an actor. They make sure you have a good time in theatre.

This lover boy REgina MOtwani is a good entertainer.

Rating : 2.75/5

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