Reel to Real

We have witnessed many couples on screen stealing our hearts as a romantic pair. As we see them again and again we wish them to be in love and together even in real life. Alas! Real is different from reel and we have few examples of crossed over the blurry line and gave us an uninitiated break from dreamland to see the dreams come true. Let’s see and find about them ..

Krishna – Vijaya NirmalaKrishna - Vijaya NirmalaSuperstar Krishna started off his career in 1964 with Tene Manasulu and then went to grow in stature with each hit to become the star we know him as. On the way, he made a great pairing with many heroines like Jayapradha, Sri Devi but right from his career beginning he had flawless chemistry working with Vijaya Nirmala. Both met on sets of Sakshi for the first time ever and even though they were married by the time, that did not stop them from making a happy couple in real life too. Now they are living peacefully in their retirement home.

Nagarjuna – AmalaNagarjuna - AmalaAkkineni Nagarjuna and Amala have become the couple goals for many young actors and they hope they can find someone who has so much synergy within like them. Amala and Nagarjuna started out as friends who fell in love over time and Nag after divorcing his first wife, married the love of his life. Even though Nagarjuna is constantly linked up with various heroines, the couple are never reported to have fought over those rumours and gossips. Great understanding and love it is!

Pawan Kalyan – Renu DesaiPawan Kalyan - Renu DesaiWell, we saw them in Badri and liked them in Johnny too. Sadly, not together anymore but they have shown how both can be understanding and respectful of each other in thick and thin. When Pawan maintained his stance against marriage, Renu did not object and when political pressures forced him to change his mind, she gladly obliged to marriage too. After divorce, we never see them abusing or hitting each other with stones anywhere. They are an example of how mature you can be with changing times accepting them.

Srikanth – OohaSrikanth - OohaOoha entered into industry with Aame and even Srikanth who was transitioning from supporting roles to lead, found a good role in the movie. The movie also brought them both close and the two married after Ooha decided to take a break from acting in 2003. The couple since then have built a happy life around them and they give major goals to young married couples as well.

Jeevitha – RajasekharJeevitha - RajasekharThis would be one of those early love stories of Telugu Film Industry that is still fresh and going strong. Both found each other on sets of Talambralu and started getting attracted to each other. Knowing their love story might not have a happy ending the couple continued to be friends for sometime. Finally when parents saw their love for what it is, the couple got married and they are now, the couple in industry none for being close and dependent on each other.

Kamal Haasan – GautamiKamal Haasan - GautamiRecently, broke up the couple Gautami and Kamal stayed strong in unison for more than a decade. Kamal had two failed marriages with Sarika and Vani Ganapati but that did not stop each other from committing to each other as a live-in couple. Their pairing was liked in movies like Apoorva Sahodarulu and Drohi.

Mahesh Babu – NamrataMahesh Babu - NamrataNamrata and Mahesh Babu met on the sets of Vamsi. As the filming went by they grew close to each other and by the end of it all, they both started seeing each other. With the permission of their parents the couple got married in 2005 and now remain to be one of the power couples of Telugu Cinema as Namrata takes care off many Mahesh philanthropy activities and she is an integral part of his story choices too.

Jyothika – SuriyaJyothika - SuriyaSuriya became popular in Telugu households after Ghajini but before him Jyothika drew a place for herself. She after Chandramukhi decided to take a break from acting and married her love, Suriya who made a great pairing in films like Khakha Khakha. Now, she is returning to acting with some good roles as their children are now going to school.

Naga Chaitanya – SamanthaNaga Chaitanya - SamanthaThe recent entrants into the list, first became friends with each other as they both started off their careers successfully with Ye Maaya Chesave. Both grew in stature in industry and even though had other relationships finally found out them to be perfect for each other on Manam sets. After being in love and a hush hush couple for two years, they decided to get married. Soon to be hitched couple got engaged recently and we hope they have a great and bright future together.