Reach of films is limited : Nara Rohit

Nara Rohit is one of the few actors who has a market beyond flops and hits. He continues to make as many movies as he can and encourage young directors to come up with different scripts. He chose to do a more commercial film and for that he decided to go with Pawan Mallela’s Balakrishnudu with Regina Cassandra, Ramyakrishnan and Ajay as company.

He met the press today to talk about the movie and he shared, “This is a proper commercial Telugu movie. Director Pawan Mallela came to me with a script a year ago. I can’t say it is a different concept but I wanted to try it out as it had more fun value to it. I liked how the director handled the similar situations in a new comic way.” About his weight loss and six pack, Nara Rohit said, “I am not 100% satisfied with the weight loss but I did form a six pack and I am continuing to maintain a weight. I am looking to reduce further more but with constant films, I find less time to achieve the desired shape.”

About the marketability and several flops he has been facing lately, he commented, “The reach of my films is limited and I have changed to a more commercial route for the same reason. If one of such commercial films click then I can expect to have a range and high marketability. For now, whatever I am doing have been making some money to satisfy producer but I need to expand my range as an actor and hero too.” The movie Balakrishnudu is releasing on 24th of November opposite to his best friend Sri Vishnu’s Mental Madilo. He joked that both wanted to share the revenues by not letting anyone else release with them.