Ravi Teja to show a glimpse on Independence Day!

Ravi Teja has been out of action as far as movies are concerned for more than two years now. His last film, ‘Bengal Tiger’ in the direction of Sampath Nandi released in December of 2015 and he did not act in any other movie for a whole year of 2016. He started two films back to back, Touch Chesi Choodu and Raja The Great, this year in February. Everyone thought his Touch Chesi Choodu with a debutant will come first, but the actor concentrated on Raja The Great before Touch Chesi Choodu.

The movie in the direction of Anil Ravipudi has completed the shooting 90% and the remaining movie will be completed by the end of the August. The movie is scheduled for a release in October and the producer, Dil Raju who is on a success streak this year has complete faith in this entertainer with a blind man as protagonist. The movie will be as funny as Supreme and Pataas as the young director established a mark for himself.

Now, the movie teaser is ready to hit the digital world on 15th of August. The movie will be a comeback for Ravi Teja who took a break from movies after Bengal Tiger as he wanted to come with a new story and role as many films of his become repetitive with similar story and characters. Mehreen Prizada is playing the lead actress in the film. As Ravi Teja fans are upset with latest news of his Drug Case and Brother’s brutal accident, could rejoice with this teaser.

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