Ravi Teja lashes back on all the trolls!

Ravi Teja, the actor who lost his brother Bharat Raju recently, is distorted and also disturbed with the amount of trolls for his absence from the funeral and last rites of his brother. The actor did not respond to all the trolls and kept on doing his work. Even him joining the shoot of his film, Raja the Great has been trolled and abused for the way he joined the sets without respecting the death.

Well, Ravi Teja responded to them by saying, “I’m living my life and people should let me do so. They don’t know how sensitive my parents and what kind of relation I share with my brothers. We have faced the thick and thins of life together and my kids call my brothers too as father. So much for the people who are finding faults with me and my mother do they know all this?

“People just react without thinking and I’m not someone who will waste my time giving answers to them. I just wanted to share this now, to stop people from taking it further. My father couldn’t see the dead body of my brother and I can’t see a dead body. That’s my weakness don’t celebrities have any weaknesses? Are they any objects made of godly particles, we are human like every one and if you can’t respect that fact at least don’t react to someone’s personal life.”

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