Ravi Teja is not a drug addict says his mother!

Actor Ravi Teja has been going through tough times these days with many people pointing fingers at him for his attitude towards the films and also the way he chose to deal the grief of his brother’s untimely death. He is also being speculated as one of the drug abusers and suppliers in Hyderabad by the media. Even though Excise Department did not release the names of the celebrities they have given SIT notices to, several names have been highly popularised by media and one of them is Ravi Teja.

His mother Rajya Lakshmi talked to media after long time and she clarified about the issues and expressed concern about the bad publicity her son is receiving even though he committed no crime. She said, “My son Ravi, never liked to go to any parties and even to his brothers Raghu and Bharat he always advised to stay away from such high profile parties. Some high profile people find ways to escape and small people like us who really don’t know how to handle the situations will be caught instead of them. In a way, they frame us to escape and even my two younger sons were framed like that in their cases too.”

She continued, “ My son never tried to take drugs and he even hates eating unhealthy food. He even looks to control us in our age to stay fit and healthy. He cannot be behind any drug abuse and I request media to not malign his name and out family name like this. He never had to do anything unlawful in his life and he won’t ever. Even my son’s death has been unnecessarily made into controversy and I plead media to stop torturing us further.” The women looked completely distressed by the current developments and we extend our sympathies to her!

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