Ratthalu is now Juile!

Erotic thrillers and sexual content have become the marketable films these days and the surge of such films has been increasing. In the name of matured content, most makers are preferring to show the cleavage, nude and hot bodies of willing heroines to cash in on the urges of the impressionable youth. Well, these are not our observations but these are Pahlaj ji’s words, not exactly but ti the same effect, when he was working as the CBFC Board chief.

But as soon as he has been removed, the man has now started to enter the quick money makers club that he thwarted so much. Julie-2, a small B-Grade film made with rich visuals which was struggling to attain a release before his involvement has been now, passed by the certification board with out any cuts and an ‘A’.

The same man who strongly defended the Board’s stance to cut the scenes even after giving an ‘A’ has asked the members to give his film an adult certification without any cuts. And he got his wish. Well, we have to say irony has just been buried alive deep under ground. Anyways, Raai Laxmi has stripped all her inhibitions and clothes for this movie and we expect it to be a good business deal for all the parties involved.

In Case You Missed It, here is the Theatrical Trailer of the film and remember it is an ‘A’ certified movie.

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