Rashi Khanna waiting for her Mr. Perfect

Normally, our audience after a point of time in any public figure’s life are interested to know if they are married? If they are about to get married? Involved in a relationship? Or if they are happily single?

Even to those reserved about their personal life, questions about marriage become an important routine. Raashi Khanna entered the Industry 5 years ago and she gained a name for her looks more than her acting talents till now.

She proved that she has enough skill in Tholiprema and is hoping to find some better pictures and offers to come her way. Recently she said, “I am more interested to talk about my career at this point of time. But it is also important for my followers to know about my life. I may look modern but I am a traditional girl deep down. I don’t like a person who is too modern.

I want a person who values tradition and also has an open mind to accept my profession. I want a person who can make me weak in my knees and also respect my needs. This might sound old school but I am a little old school,” revealed the actress about her Mr. Perfect.