Rana will be liked and loved by many : Teja

Director Teja, is a tough task master to please and he maintains a tough exterior even though many know about how soft he is in nature. He showcased his talents as a writer and director with movies like Chitram, Jayam and Nuvvu Nenu but ever since, Nijam he faced a huge slump and the director, says he will be out of all that with his movie, Nene Raju Nene Mantri, on 11th August.

The director talked to press and praised his actor Rana Daggubati. He looked highly relaxed and said, ” If a person that too a director is smiling before the release of his movie rather than feeling tensed you can say that he is confident about the movie. I am highly confident about this one. This movie is not about politics, it is a husband and wife love story, with political backdrop as that will make it more interesting and grand.”

He further said, ” I did not expect Rana to come up with so much energy and he is pitch perfect for Raju. He did his best and I believe he will be loved and liked by many in this character. Kajal and Catherine did their best and I’m quite satisfied with the output. Those who think about watching in piracy, they will not enjoy the spectacle in the movie and it will be only visible to those who watch it on big screen. So decide before watching the movie for yourself. The film will be one of the best of my career and I’m more confident than Jayam and this movie will be revered by many!”

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