Ram Gopal Varma feels Lord would have forgiven him

Ram Gopal Verma is known for his harsh and sometimes very sarcastic comments on many popular beliefs and Gods. He claimed to be an atheist all the time and hence, him visiting Lord Balaji Temple in Tirumala to announce Lakshmi’s NTR became interesting. After visiting Lord, he spoke to media.

He said, “I came here 20 years ago, to make a film on how to steal Lord’s ornaments. My intentions weren’t pure even 1%. Later, I made derogatory comments on him last year. I know what I said and I am unapologetic.

I felt if I walk into the temple, priests will beat me to pulp here and make me go to Lord to save myself from their wrath. But they respected me, you can see (showing shawl they gave him) and also I thought looking at me in his temple, in front of me, Srinivasa will send some rays of energy from his eyes to kill me then and there. Nothing like that happened and for both the things, Lord seems to have forgiven me.

I came here to honour the true memory of NTR and this is how much I respect him. I am not the person to enter a temple on regular basis but this is the only time I felt I should. Lakshmi’s NTR will be a memorable film for sure,” concluded RGV.