Ram Charan issues open apology for VVR!

Vinaya Vidheya Rama, Sankranthi film from Ram Charan in the direction of Boyapati Srinu released on 11th January. Movie received extreme trolling and bad talk on the first day, itself.

Still, the movie made 60 crores at the box office which everyone is surprised about. Movie is bought by distributors at record rates for Rs. 93 crores and it ended up leaving a Rs. 30 crores dent in their finances.

Ram Charan agreed that the movie did fail and thanked audience who did watch it. In issued an open apology letter and said that they all thought the movie would be a good entertainer but fell short of expectations.

Area Share (in Rs.)

Nizam 12.75 Cr
Ceeded 11.80 Cr
Nellore 2.89 Cr
Krishna 3.75 Cr
Guntur 6.38 Cr
UA 8.68 Cr
East 5.42 Cr
West 4.43 Cr

AP & TS 56.12 Cr

USA 1.45 Cr

ROI 5.40 Cr

Worldwide 62.97 Cr (approx)