Rakul Preet Singh with Pawan Kalyan?

Pawan Kalyan is one of the craziest heroes of our Telugu Cinema and the actor is favoured by many upcoming heroines to share the screen space as one film with him can propel their markets to newer heights. Well, for his latest movie, Rakul Preet Singh is being considered as the lead actress as per the sources. The actor has been busy shooting for his 25th movie with Trivikram and he is also balancing his political party programs along with his films.

As the actor wants to completely concentrate on his political ambition with Jana Sena, the actor has reduced the amount of films he would be working further. But for one of his earlier commitments the actor has accepted to be a part of the movie directed by Santhosh Srinivas. The young filmmaker has come up with an impressive subject and Pawan Kalyan liked the narration. The sources stated the actor wants to finish off the movie as early as possible next year as he will be busy.

The sources stated that actress Rakul Preet Singh has been selected to star opposite the actor and the agreement is yet to be done. Sooner or Later, the director will give her a narration and the makers think the actress will be happy to adjust her dates from her busy schedule to act with Pawan Kalyan. Murugadoss too impressed by her performance in Spyder has offered her the role in his next with Vijay as per the reports! You Go, Girl!

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