Rakul Preet Singh Opens Up Strongly about Casting Couch

Rakul Preet Singh, won Miss India title, in 2011 and then, started her journey in Indian Cinema. She got a huge break with Venkatadri Express and got hits after hits to establish herself. Right now, she has offers from Tamil and Hindi films. She recently started a film with Karthi in Tamil and doing a film with Suriya as well. She has been selected to mentor, Miss India contestants in 2018. On this occasion, she talked to an English magazine and said, “In India, we find something interesting and we start talking about it for six months and then we forget about it. There are a lot more important and bigger things to be spoken about I feel. People forget the rapes that happen. Topics like casting couch are discussed and debated more because there is more masala there. Having said that, I feel that the basic human nature is that of an opportunist. One cannot do anything about it and it is a male-dominated world. How you strive in that world is what defines you.

Having worked in 20-odd films, I’ve not faced a situation where someone has tried to act funny with me.” She further said, “This is a message to aspiring girls also, it is not easy. Nobody is going to spend `20-30 crores on a film just because you are an easy girl.It is talent that survives and you need to have that in your head. It is about what you project and I think I come across as a person they cannot really speak much too. I’ve heard of things, but I don’t know how they function. Rakul Preet Singh has been lucky that I’ve got all good people around me. If you work on your talent, then you will get work sooner or later.” Casting couch has become a huge debate across the Indian media and the actress requested the media to concentrate on showing more positive aspects than such negative ones in the society.