Rakul Preet says she doesn’t need a filter!

Rakul Preet Singh is known for talking as open as she can without much filter. She did make some comments that hurt few fans but she cleared immediately why did she took such a stand. She is highly active on Twitter and even for interviews that quote few modified statements of her, she is quick to react on them.

The actress said in one of her press interviews that she doesn’t really feel she needs a filter or she shouldn’t be upfront. “I do know that people are interested in gossiping more and more. I understand that I am a celebrity and people will always be looking at me in such awe and would like to know all dirty secrets about me. Few of my words did land me in trouble but I’m quick to clear my stance too. That helped me in clearing all the potential differences I had with any person. So, my nature did help me rather than putting me in major troubles, ” said the actress.

She is currently doing two Tamil films and one Hindi film, Aiyaary is ready for release. She said, ” Even though I am a Punjabi girl, I have become a Telugu person and I enjoy that distinction. It is a compliment for my work and I feel I am indeed a Telugu person who was born in a Punjabi family. Even my co-stars in Hindi want to know more about Telugu Film Industry and gossip about people here. I enjoy it a lot.” She is currently getting ready to act in a challenging role in Suriya37.