Rajnikanth expresses concern over Kamal’s well-being!

Rajnikanth and Kamal Hasan are known for being best friends even though they are professional rivals. The friendship has grown strong over the years and the major reason for such a great relationship between them, is because of their mentor, K.Balachander. Recently, Kamal Hasan lost his brother, Chandra Hasan and at his remembrance meet, Rajni expressed concern about his friend and co-actor Kamal’s financial well-being.

Rajni commented that Kamal should’ve earned more money that he did today. He said, “My friend, Kamal doesn’t really care about money and finances. He thinks more about art and only his brother, Chandra Hasan could get through him about the money. He only used to listen to him and today, I am worried about him. He had three father figures in his life, Guru Balachander, Chandra Hasan and Charu Hasan. He lost all of them and I hope he will find strength to move forward. Kamal also gets angry very easily and people have seen only 10% of it. I saw 100% anger and I hope he will learn anger management going further.”

To this Kamal replied in his own way. He said he has friends like Rajnikanth who can advise him about business strategies and artistic ideologies. He said he will learn from them and try to balance out. He further said his brother used to lead a simple life like his father and he will try to take them as inspiration.

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