Rajni to do a ‘novel’ film!

Karthik Subbaraj is one of the few directors who has a knack of presenting the different and novel themes in an even more different way. His visual palette, scenes and sense of timing is known to be weird in the best possible way. His Jigarthanda became so popular that it has become it’s own cult. The movie is said to be one of the most cool looking gangster movies, Indian Cinema has ever made.

Now, such a director, is teaming up with Superstar Rajnikanth. This cannot be a small news as the actor is known for working with commercial directors and commercial movies only, most of the times. He tried to change that with Kabali. Even though movie did not become a huge success, Rajnikanth got name for his acting in the movie. Hence, he gave Pa.Ranjith, another chance to make a movie with him, Kaala. The movie is scheduled for a release on 27th of April.

Many thought Kaala and 2.0, with Shankar will be his last two films before becoming a full-time politician. But the actor surprised everyone with this move. Sun Pictures, Kalanithi Maran will produce the movie. Karthik Subbaraj has already completed a script for Dhanush and announced few years ago, that he is penning one for Rajnikanth. Apparently, Rajni asked the maker why he did not consider him for Jigarthanda as the don. May be he is getting his wish fulfilled in this new movie.