Rajeshkar gets arrested!

Actors and actresses are also human but when they go on record to suggest the better things like do not drink and drive, many expect them to stand by their words and practice what they preach. Some young actors had trouble controlling their intake of alcohol and drove their vehicles to courts finding great trouble along with highs of alcohol. But a senior actor and a politician being caught over this has become a sensation.

Actor Rajasekhar has been taken to police by people who have parked their car near Jubliee Hills, in Hyderabad. They claimed that the actor has been drunk and he drove the car in the effect of alcohol. The actor tried to apologise and accepted whatever punishment they wanted to award him. When they asked him to walk to the police station he did and tried to come up with his own version. But not even once, he asked the police to leave him or help him out.

He gracefully accepted that he is speeding and for damaging their property, he is liable to whatever they want to do with him. He looked a bit tipsy may be due to alcohol or late night sleepiness but police promptly asked him to appear for the test to determine alcohol content in his blood. He kept on saying he is sorry but he will let them decide how they want to go forward with the issue. The matter is too small but the video involving him in a discussion has gone viral. May be a caution while driving speed on road in such weather is must for everyone.