Rajamouli’s Battalion Toils For Their Kingdom

SS Rajamouli is referred to as, the James Cameron of Telugu Cinema. By working his fingers to the bone, Rajamouli has taken the Telugu cinema to the international level. What does it take to make this lot of difference? Well, we say it is merely hard work and resoluteness to set his own benchmark. It is obvious that Baahubali-The beginning has proved his prowess to the world. Let us take a look into things, how they work out in the basic levels for such visually grand movies.

Baahubali-The conclusion is being made and hundreds of artists and technicians are involved in this toilsome business. Art Director Sabu Cyril has guided his team of a bunch of talented crew members to erect the huge set of Maahishmathi kingdom. Nearly 500 people work persistently to give a distinct appeal.