Raja The Great

The greatest advantage that we have to be able to see anything. In a way, when we see we can notice the little nuances and enjoy the beauty too. Imagine if ee are robbed off that advantage? We find it frustrating that we can’t be that other person who can praise the beauty. We will find it extremely difficult to inherit the darkness and enjoy just feeling things by touch but not by watching them. Well, for film enthusiast it is a great torture, if you rob him or her off the privilege to watch anything. So, I met a guy, Raja The Great and let’s see what he accomplished..

Plot : Raja (Ravi Teja) is blind by birth but he is not demoralised by that. He is extra sensitive and he can understand the movement of any predator easily and effectively than others. This trait of his is put to use when he has to save Lucky (Mehreen) who is a daughter of Prakash Raj, a honest Police man. He is killed by Devraj (Vivian Bathena) for killing his brother and Lucky is chased by him to complete his revenge. How Raja saves her forms the rest of the story …

Performances : It is highly refreshing to see Ravi Teja on screen. He makes all the attempts to convince you as a blind man but he falls short. But his comic timing is immaculate and his way of delivering a punch is praise worthy. Even though he is absent for two years from the action, it looks like he has never left. Had the director given his character some more depth, may be the actor in him would have shined even brighter.

Mehreen Prizada Kaur is beautiful but she looked a bit odd in this movie. She needed some more character development to give a better performance. She is majorly used for songs even though it is her who needs a Saviour and key to the story.

Radhika and Rajendra Prasad are good in their roles but the big actors needed some more material to seriously make a difference to the proceedings. Srinivas Reddy is too routine in his character.

Technicalities : Editing by Tammiraju is not upto the high standards that he normally delivers. He seems to be really forced and rushed while we have to say that the movie could have been trimmed a little bit more in the second half. Camera work by Mohana Krishna is very simple. Even though he had a great landscape like Darjeeling to explore, he doesn’t really shine through. He uses same old angles to highlight the hero and there is nothing unique to his work with the difference in the characterisation of the lead.

Music by Sai Kartheek is not much inspiring. He gives the loudest score possible in trying to hypnotise people to believe that Raja is Great but his efforts doesn’t live up. He needed to do better. Writer and director, Anil Ravipudi depends on his usual traits to make fun of everything and anything. He has a unique way but that doesn’t really work after a time. His story doesn’t move anywhere and we feel really sorry for the character he created. Had the director tried to focus on his story more that would have helped him to really deliver a stand out film for the idea he had. He doesn’t really use it and we are struck in the same kind of action sequences that look like borrowed from International Films.

Analysis : The movie is really more about the idea that the writers and director has pondered upon rater than that off creating a good unique movie around it. The comedy is too pale in comparison to the director’s earlier work and the parts where he shine are too little! In any case, the movie gets lengthy and a bit preachy. Could have been much better than what it ended up to be.

Rating : 2.5/5

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