Radha character is close to my heart : Lavanya

Lavanya Tripathi had a film release last month, Mister in the direction of Srinu Vaitla. The movie bombed at the box office applying a speed breaker for Lavanya’s growth as a popular star. But the actress seemed not much bothered about it. She said she gave her best to the character and liked it very much. As box office result could not be predicted, we have to take everything in our stride and move ahead, she quipped.

Talking about her new movie ready for release this Friday, Radha, Lavanya looked upbeat about it. She shared, “Sharwanand always remains quite between the shots but in front of camera ge did everything that the character asked him off. I was amazed by that quality. His character name is Radha and mine too, in the movie. But he behaves more like Krishna.

“I enjoyed doing the character of Radha as she is close to my heart. In fact, like Radha even I too in real life behave like an ultra good girl at home and show off my wild side once I step out.” Lavanya also talked about her parents and family. She said, “In my family, everyone is a scholar being IAS, IPS officers but they never stopped me from taking up acting as a career profession. They never quizzed me about my choices in films and did not watch most of them as well. They recently, saw Soggade Chinni Nayana. I think arts in my blood as my mother can stitch complicated designs and my brother is an artist. He paints a beautiful canvas. Also I believe in being simple than trying to look too desperate to be the glamorous one. I believe once audience accept you as an actress for your talent then they will see if you are beautiful or not. I don’t think just being pretty is a qualification as well.”

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