Raashi Khanna talks about her dream role!

Raashi Khanna is now the flavor of the season as she is coming up with back to back releases in two weeks. The actress will be seen as the ultimate glam doll in Ravi Teja’s Touch Chesi Choodu and a timid but strong person as Varsha in Tholi Prema. While one is a regular role for any Telugu movie actress, the other one is completely different from what Raashi Khanna has been offered regularly. The actress talked about how lucky she is to get such variable roles in two films at the same time.

She said, “I had to take some precautions to maintain the characters I am playing in both the films. I did not have much difficulty as the schedules were planned well apart between the two films. There is the obvious time zone difference as Tholi Prema was mostly shot in UK, London. I enjoyed being a part of both the teams and would love to see both of them working after the release. I accepted Touch Chesi Choodu because it is beside a hero like Ravi Teja and I had a good role to showcase my talents as well.”

She talked about her role in Tholi Prema too, “The role I have been waiting for is Varsha. I hope my performance will satisfy the audience as I have put in a lot of effort to bring out Varsha rather than just play it like me. It is a kind of dream role for me and I hope it will give me opportunities to shine on more, ” said the actress. About her more visible weight loss, “I have shed weight so that people would stop talking about my weight and talk about my performances and acting skills more,” she concluded.