Raa Raa

Ghosts are believed to those human beings who either commit a huge crime or are cursed by some entity to live a life after death, to suffocate their enemies. But some ghosts have a story that humane enough for us to feel pity for them. They could have been wronged by few people due to selfishness and they could be feeling lonely waiting for some human touch. All this feels like non-sense and trash, then you don’t have the sensibilities of a good name who couldn’t even ditch ghosts. That is the kind of a good man, we met while watching Raa..Raa.

Plot : An young director Raj Kiran (Meka Srikanth) is expected to live upto his legendary director-father’s legacy. But his movies don’t live upto the expectations of his own parents. His father dies watching his movie and mother goes into coma. Somehow, he convinces another producer to give him a chance.

For this golden opportunity, he chooses to make a horror film. For that he enters into a ghost villa in the hope of finding a good script. Rather he falls for an young female ghost (Naziya). Can he escape from there? What will he make as a movie?

Performances : Meka Srikanth is one of the senior actors of Telugu Cinema, who has a respectable resume. But slowly, he is losing that respect with films like these. He needs to understand that even though it is destiny that guides us, we need to think cleverly about the choices we make.

Naziya and Seetha, are given lacklustre roles. They just show off their midriffs and act like lust objects rather than making an attempt to show them as good characters with decent graph.

All other actors like Posani Krishna Murali, Jabardasth Srinu, Shankar, Phani, Venu, Hema, Raghu, Raghu Babu are just used for filling the screen.

Technicalities : Poorna, cinematographer of the movie, should be looking for an award in TV movie category for replicating DD serial work from 80’s and 90’s. A special mention for make up and art department too. In a day and age when movies made with 1.5 crores and 2 crores budget are showing some range of quality, this movie should have been made on a budget of 50 lakhs or even less for the kind of quality they managed to put up.

Rap Rock Shakeel, the music composer will have a good career for serials and TV shows. For films, he needs to improve on his instrumentation and Back Ground score sense. Remixing and using popular tune ideas won’t work all the time, not that it worked here.

Shankar, editor of the movie tried his best to make a movie of the random footage he is given. We have to compliment his patience and valour for being able to understand an abstract mess.

Amma Rajasekhar and L. Ramakrishna Raju, made a movie that they would forget after making it. But we audience have to live with the horrible mess that they have vomitted on the screen. They just play with the audience brains by dragging the scenes that have no start and end. They are as random as DD ads and shows.

Analysis : The greatest compliment for any movie would be to make a sensible movie out of a senseless concept. Such movies make sure that they show the talent of a maker to convince the audience. For example, Murari of Krishna Vamsi, can be called an abstract film that worked because of the director’s vision. Not every movie works though and for an idea like Man falling in love with a ghost, the seriousness of emotions needed to work out like it did in Ekkadikipothav Chinnavada but here they make no sense. This is one comic movie that could have been an interesting medium budget movie but it ends up being a bad attempt!

Rating : 0.5/5