PVP wins the court battle

PVP productions has been one of the big production houses in Telugu Film Industry even though it started bank rolling films very recently. With the kind of bold decisions that the production house was taking and spending on several projects many thought it could be another RR Movie Makers in the making, the production house that fell neck deep into debts due to losses from their movie gambling. But PVP chose to maintain good connections through out the industry rather than being invisible and aloof. This trait helped PVP to gain some good relations with various actors and is still promising to bring different content on telugu screen more often than ever. In 2016, the production house produced Oopiri, Kshanam and Brahmostavam.

The expenditure on Oopiri was higher than the returns even though the movie was declared a commercial hit at the box office. Kshanam remained a low budget gain while Brahmostavam pushed the company into losses. With losses from earlier projects too many thought PVP is over but the production house is gearing up to release Rana’s Ghazi in February and bankrolling Nagarjuna’s Raju Gari Gadhi sequel too. There was a big film in the direction of Vamsi Paidipally, the maker of Oopiri, with Mahesh Babu as the lead, in the planning stage since last 6 months after the release of Brahmostavam. The producer and hero talked to various distributors giving them a hope of reimbursing their losses with their next film.

Now that film has landed in a soup. PVP and Vamsi Paidipally became close as the planning of the movie went on and PVP even released Kashmora, Karthi starrer, on the insistence of Vamsi in Telugu. All of sudden Vamsi chose to take the story developed for Mahesh to Ashwini Dutt and Dil Raju. The producers accepted to fund the project and Mahesh with the latest development returned his remuneration advance to PVP and promised him to sign another film for his production house some time in future. While the matter should have been settled amicably due to Vamsi’s actions, PVP chose to complain to the producers council on Vamsi to stop him from starting the film before he gives a proper explanation and compensate for the losses he incurred for Oopiri and reimburse the amount he spent on developing the story in PVP office.

This matter is still in Producers Council but PVP being so embarrassed and irritated by the situation wanted to test the legality of Vamsi’s move. He launched a legal battle for the rights of the story developed by Vamsi and team in the Madras High Court. The court ruled in the favour of PVP stating that the idea was initially meant to be made in the PVP productions and it would be unethical and copy rights would belong to PVP productions only. Well in the industry how relationships could tarnish, this incident is one best example.

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