Puri Jagannath’s baddie turns hero!

Thakur Anoop Singh, got National fame with his performance as Drutharastra in the tele series, Mahabharatam. The actor since started getting offers to play in baddie in many Telugu films. He turned up being a good performer in those roles in Winner and Puri Jagannath’s Rogue. Even though both the films did end up being disasters, Thakur ended up landing a lead role in Telugu – Kannada bilingual.

The actor will be seen as a die-hard lover in the movie along with Sai Dhansika as the female lead. Both the actors are prepping up for their roles and soon the shoot of the movie, titled Udgharshana will start rolling. Thakur Anoop Singh is happy about this latest twist in his career and he wants to make maximum use of the opportunity.

The actor revealed, ” Director Sunil Kumar Desai saw me at Rogue audio launch and decided to cast me in his film as the lead. The character will be typical and it is designed keeping my body language in mind. I have dubbed for my role in Telugu earlier and now, I am looking forward to dub in Kannada. I like to learn new languages and this will be a new experience for me.”

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