Puri jagannadh reacts and Charmee overreacts!

Puri Jagannath, the popular director has been said to be the major player in the drug scandal that broke in Telugu Cinema last few days. Everywhere he has been the major concentration in the public and the director maintained his silence in the matter until he appeared before SIT for a gruelling interrogation session of ten hours.

The director released a statement in a video message expressing his displeasure for presenting him as a criminal in the media. He said, “I never involve in those illegal activities that will kill my reputation and I’m a responsible citizen. My media friends whom I thought I was close to also did not bother checking with me before publishing 30 minute discussions and I’m hurt by that.”

After he released this video, many of his fans started tweeting some condolence messages and interestingly, Charmee, the executive producer of his film, Paisa Vasool, started retweeting every tweet that supported the director and tried to make it into a support campaign. While fans of the director are also surprised by this, many onlookers commented isn’t she overreacting as even she is one of the persons who received SIT notices, shouldn’t she also think about her image in the public than Puri Jagannath’s. Apparently, the actress maintained silence over the issue, while her father released an Open Letter condemning all the allegations about her!

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