Puri Jagannadh gathers support from this young hero!

Puri Jagannath has been the major name used to describe the fitness freaks in Telugu Cinema, but lately due to drugs scandal, his name has been heard the most as the drug abuser in the media and the director clarified that he will always be co-operative to SIT officials further as well.

But the man who transformed many heroes body shapes for his movies, facing such allegations has become the centre point of discussion and his fans stated their unconditional support for the director. They said, he can never encourage such an activity and as he makes movies against such elements he is being unnecessarily dragged into the issue. Along with his fans, Puri for the first time got a positive voice supporting him from the industry.

Varun Tej, the actor who is busy promoting his new movie, Fidaa came out and supported the director. He said, “I couldn’t believe when the news broke out that Puri Jagannath is linked to such unhealthy and illegal habit. He always maintains his witness and encourages us the actors to do so too. I learnt many tips from him on how to keep your body healthy and these comments against are atrocious and allegations are unbelievable. I think he will come out of this mess as soon as he can with a clean chit!”

Dil Raju, the producer who is also at the event said that media knows more about the drug racket than him and he will be happy to see such things eradicated from Industry and city!

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