PSV Garuda Vega will be my big comeback : Rajasekhar

Senior actor, Rajasekhar met the press today to talk about his PSV Garuda Vega movie. He said, “I am amazed that media is asking my director Praveen Sattaru, how he did choose to make this movie with me? While, he is saying I am inspired by Rajashekar’s Magadu and wanted to do a movie with him only, then why people are asking such a question still makes me feel if I am that old and out of game? I don’t want to reveal much about the subject but teaser and Trailer have got great response and if my film doesn’t have freshness then we would not have seen such huge response.”

He continued, “I promised to my parents after Geddam Gang, that I won’t produce movies anymore as I did bad subjects that don’t really suit me like Mahankali too. I want to correct all those mistakes with Garuda Vega. So I waited for good roles and producers to come with correct subjects for me. My father introduced me to Kotteswarraju garu. I had my apprehensions about him but he proved he can make a good production. Praveen Sattaru came to me with a subject titled, Magadu 2, as he is inspired by my thriller film. I don’t have a market for even 5 crores and I know that. So, when I heard the subject line I feared as the budget can go more. Finally, when I got confidence on Praveen, I took him to Kotteswarraju and narrated the subject to the producer. Even though Kotteswarraju did not want to spend more than 5 crores, he decided to produce with 7 to 8 crores. But when the budget has shot up, Jeevitha, my wife convinced Kotteswarraju garu, to go ahead with his intuition after hearing the subject. “

On collecting the budget back, “These days if any small film is able to register success, it is collecting 20 to 25 crores. So, I am confident that the movie will do well. I saw the first coy and I am completely mesmerised with the output. We normally, say that before every movie, but this is a genuine reaction, “said the actor. He concluded by saying that he will even continue doing films as a villain or a character actor but they should have meat as Dhruva’s Aravind Swami’s role. PSV Garuda Vega, is releasing for 3rd November.