Is this the problem with Mr. Majnu?

It is quite difficult to understand why a film like Mr. Majnu, that otherwise would have been at least an average grosser ending up as a flop, with just 55 – 60% recovery. The film is hardly getting any traction from audiences and the box office is representing the same.

Movie just collected Rs.13 crores (approximately) share, in the first week and it is in no way matching F2 run, which is three weeks older now. The film is not too bad and it is not great right, but audience seem to not showing much enthusiasm to watch Akhil on screen.

Hello too wasn’t a bad movie but people labelled it as a remake of Manasantha Nuvve and Nani’s MCA dominated the movie much more. Somehow, Akhil is unable to escape first movie, Akhil’s negative impression on him even after three years.

He does need a big director who became a brand to helm his next film for him to attain a market and then he may continue with his movies with other directors, whomever he likes to work with.

Even if Nagarjuna doesn’t feel it is necessary for him to ask someone to bring a story and is waiting for them to approach, at least Akhil might have to get a combination going and do the damage control as he wants to continue as a lead actor and that too as a popular one for sure!