Prema Katha Chitram 2 Movie Review

Plot: A young girl Bhanu (Siddhi Idnani) falls in love with Sudheer (Sumanth Ashwin) but Sudheer doesn’t love her. He is in love with Nandu (Nandita Seetha) and she acts all of a sudden strangely and this worries him. There is a connection to this change in behavior to a girl called Chitra (Apoorva Srinivasan). Can they solve the mystery? Watch the movie to know more…

Performances:: Sumanth Ashwin is not a competitive actor and he proved that with this film. It is really hard for us to see him end up acting like this after showing potential in his previous films. He did show weaknesses in those films but this time he just exposed himself completely and it is sadly unnerving for us too. Hope, he comes back from this.

Nandita Shwetha is a very good actress but she is asked to ham so much that one feels for her. All others ham too as if they are asked to make it like a Shakespearean play written by the street artist to perform without understanding it’s true meaning.

Technicalities:: Music by JB is too old school and it irritates a viewer who is already irritated by the movie and its screenplay. He needed to understand what makes this sequel work but he couldn’t.

Cinematography by C Ram Prasad is too simple, almost like he did a web film with all the equipment he is given. He couldn’t really pull off the VFX shots and the color schemes are totally different from what the story demands.

Editor SB Uddhav couldn’t pull off the confusing story with his cut. He tried hard to make sense but the movie collapses without a strong core.

Director Hari Kishan tried to make a film like Halloween series and he failed to mix the horror of the unknown with a cause. It just seems like he stitched all the scenes together without any purpose. He failed to first establish the love story between the main couple and the way he connected with the original movie is also highly ridiculous.

Expecting a movie where the ghost story is narrated like a story of a woman we should care but shouldn’t, to be honest, and logical or at least sensible is a far cry from us too.

Analysis:: The premise of this movie is utterly ridiculous as the movie takes eons and eons to even clearly establish what it is all about. Director and writers are so confused that they did not know where to start the film and how to take it forward. They tried to mix horror with suspense and the twists get completely ridiculous.

The way the actors performed in this film is a big example of how ridiculous even the best of the actors who have potential can fail. Talking only about Nandita Shwetha here. All others just don’t give us any kind of hope that they can get better. Avoid the movie at all costs.

Rating: 1/5