Prashanth Varma is in awe of Dr. Rajasekhar

Prashanth Verma, the director of Awe, started Kalki his next film after such a critically acclaimed experiment. He is nice in awe of Dr. Rajasekhar as the senior actor pulled off a seven-minute action scene in a single take.

He said, “I couldn’t really push him to do so but then the sequence demanded such physicality from the actor. He did say that he wants to do it without a body double and pulled it off.

With all the armor he had to wear and then jumps, chase and timing he had to keep in his mind, he pulled off a very difficult stunt smiling. I’m happy and convinced completely about his passion for films,” said the director.

Another seven sequences have been planned and shot in different terrains all over India that shows the character of the protagonist played by Rajasekhar, it seems.