Prabhas to release two movies this year?

Actor Prabhas has been working hard to reach the expectations of his fans and common audience post Baahubali series, with Saaho. He has full faith in the young director Sujith Sign and he is giving the movie ample amount of dates to finish the huge production and by the end of April or May, the movie should complete the shooting and be in post production works. As the action part is heavy and there are many graphic shots, the movie will require some more time to complete the post production works.

Before the Post Production works of Saaho are finished, the actor is looking to start the movie in Jill director, Radha Krishna’s direction for which the story has been locked and screenplay is almost finished. Prabhas has given go ahead for the film and UV Creations will produce this film too. Once, he allocates his dates for the film, it will go in production and the regular shoot will be completed at a faster pace than Saaho it seems.

So as per the reports, there is a chance that Prabhas release two movies this year, before or by December. The plans are being quickly laid and Prabhas wants to see his fans all around the globe happy and after Baahubali, he is determined to keep the market soaring up rather than letting it crash down. So, he is very careful about the movies he wants to make and there will be something new from every film of his going forward as per the sources.