Prabhas to dawn an interesting role

Prabhas has been doing action dramas after Mr. Perfect. He did a gargantuan effort for Baahubali series to pull off the all the action sequences. Similarly, he is putting in all the effort to pull off a big action thriller to follow Baahubali series up. This time, he will be using futuristic weaponry as his tools quite constrast to his earlier Baahubali self. After this movie, Saaho, he is coming up with a new kind of a role that he never portrayed on screen.

He never did a role of a lover boy who is also an astrologer. A love story of an astrologer with a village belle is the crux of the story of his film with Radhakrishna, Jill director. “Prabhas believes that the character will be completely new one for him and a romance is coming at the right time for him. He liked the surreal aspects surrounding his character and he will join small workshop to understand the role better with other cast, before the shoot,” said a source.

Pooja Hegde, the lead actress of that film will also join the cast in the workshop to understand the character. After, this movie, Prabhas wants to do a simple story without much VFX it seems. But he is very pumped up about the story narrated by Radhakrishna at this point and wanta to start the movie without taking long break after finishing Saaho, latest schedule.